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You Never Know What Your Dollars Might Do

Our focus as a non-profit has centered around student/athletes. Funding their competition fees, travel expenses and sponsoring student’s class fees. Our primary focus has been the sport of judo, but we have other student/athletes we supported over the years that do other sports. Christopher Dent is one of those student/athletes. The son of a Marine veteran who competed in Judo, Christopher golfed with his father, Charles Dent, at our El Toro Fall Bash 2017 fundraiser. Christopher's talent in golf was evident then and caught the eye of Jack Edgerton of Louisburg, North Carolina. Jack taught golf through Tiger Wood’s First Tee program and brought a junior team each tournament. Jack also had a contact at Morehouse College. As in many of our fundraising stories, the student/athlete receives an opportunity and it is up to the individual what they do with it. Our network of friends in Judo, in the military and in the community have opened more than one door for student/athletes in our circle. Christopher Dent appears here in a Bridgestone Golf infomercial featuring Morehouse’s Director of Golf, Willie Burke. Mr. Burke shares his story and philosophy on achievement and giving back. When we reach out to folks for donations to support the dreams and aspirations of student/athletes, this is why. You might be funding the internship challenges of a chiropractic student/athlete so he can pass his Boards and eat. You might be donating to fund the travel of a blind student/athlete to the Paralympics, representing the USA. You might be funding the travel of a disabled veteran and his student/athlete son to their first international competition at the Pam-Am Judo Tournament. You might be funding living expenses for a student/athlete who is honing his scholastic acumen and athletic skills and is featured on an international brand infomercial during Master’s season on YouTube. You never know what your dollars might do for some student/athlete that might never know any of these experiences, or realize any of their goals, but for your generosity. El Toro NonProfit thanks you.

To view Bridgestone Golf’s Video on Willie Burke:

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