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2023: “In the Name of Good”


As 2023 comes to a close, it is only fitting to look back at the accomplishments your contributions have helped us achieve.


Our nonprofit raised over six thousand dollars between the two fundraiser golf tournaments and generous donations from individuals throughout this year. Your donations helped fund travel and competition expenses for three major regional judo tournaments, three local tournaments, football and wrestling travel expenses for competing student/athletes. In addition, your dollars funded furniture and appliance purchases for a disabled veteran family, summer golf tournament fees for one college student/athlete and living expense dollars for another college student whose father and grandfathers were veterans, respectively.  


Our community outreach extended to a local food kitchen, a childcare facility for low-income families, fundraisers for both ovarian cancer and Alzheimer research, (diseases that have had a direct effect on our family), funds to help a family struggling after illness and a local farmer whose electronics and other business essential equipment were damaged due to a fire.


Our mission to help develop confidence and ability in our student/athletes has resulted in Judo belt promotions in both our youth and adult classes, along with their local tournament participation. These student/athletes take their new abilities home, to school, other activities and sports.  Having a small part in developing future good citizens is a reward that can’t be quantified.


An update on Liana Mutia, a Paralympian, who is ranked #1 in the world in her division and is making her way to the 2024 Paralympics in Paris. She has sponsorships in place, but we continue to support her, watching her competitions and cheering from the comfort of our easy chair.


El Toro Judo Club student/athlete Judah Harris, who branched out to wresting and football last year, is not only the USA Judo’s #1 Ranked Junior Athlete 2023 but received his varsity letter as a freshman in football this month. He received the Quad City Conference Recognition for Football, Sports Illustrated North Carolina Top Freshman Football Varsity Player 2023, as well as a Certificate of Recognition for Academic Achievement and Certificate of Recognition. All of this at the age of fourteen.


Thank you to each and every one of you who participated, donated money, product and time. Special mention to Tami Stevens of TNT Ad Specialists, Lynn Thursby Wooldridge, Barri Payne of Payne Family Law, Ron Pannell, Jeff DePezia, Jimmie and Kaye Hancock, Don Sanders, Melvin and Lue Evans, Shelia Hemingway Lewin, Halima Sharif, Johnny’s BBQ of Louisburg, South Granville Country Club Staff, Logomaniacs and Big Frog of Durham and our El Toro Judo Family.


2023 was an outstanding success because of your continued support and belief in our mission. Happy New Year!






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